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Principles for enhanced collaboration between agencies and Indigenous peoples

Proud to have co-authored this Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC publication with Oliver Costello and Tim Neale, with input from a valued group of First Nations and agency representatives throughout southern Australia.

If you work for an agency, organisation or department looking to develop policy on enhancing collaboration with First Nations groups, this 'green paper' outlines principles for increasing meaningful partnerships.

The report also provides examples of key mechanisms and levers that have enabled the founding, maintenance and expansion of cultural fire management initiatives. These mechanisms are described to help inform those interested in supporting and sustaining such initiatives in the future

'The vision of the working group that created this green paper is to increase meaningful partnerships between agencies and First Nations peoples which will support the expansion of cultural fire and land management and thereby ultimately support self-determination for First Nations peoples in what is now known as Australia.'

McKemey Neale Costello 2021 Principles_for_enhanced_collaboration_between_em_agencies_and_
Download • 1.66MB

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