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Our Management Team

Melaleuca Environmental was founded by Dr Michelle McKemey in 2008, to provide consultancy services to a range of clients. We partner with various specialists (botanists, zoologists, teachers, farmers, business facilitators, graphic designers, Indigenous Elders and language experts) to customize our services to the work required. 
Michelle is an ecologist, researcher, guest speaker and best-selling author whose work features in international scientific journals, Time Magazine and on the ABC. Michelle received the University of New England Chancellor's Doctoral Research Medal in 2021. With her Aboriginal collaborators, Michelle was awarded the Ecological Society of Australia national award for ‘Right-way Science’ in 2019 and 2020, and the CSIRO Award for Indigenous Engagement in 2017.
Michelle has studied and worked in the field of environmental science for 20+ years. She worked for local, state and federal government for many years before establishing Melaleuca Environmental. She is also Co-Director of a commercial cattle and sheep grazing operation in regional NSW. She has worked on environmental projects throughout Australia, often working alongside Aboriginal people to ensure the conservation of natural and cultural resources. Michelle has extensive experience in the conservation and agriculture industries.
For further information, contact Michelle on +61 (0)437 350 597.

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Why 'Melaleuca'?

The name Melaleuca is derived from the Ancient Greek μέλας (mélas) meaning "dark" or "black" and λευκός (leukós) meaning "white", apparently because one of the first specimens described had fire-blackened white bark.

We specialise in working in the cross-cultural space, where people of different cultures work alongside each other. We also love learning about, and applying, fire

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